How to do Bodywork and Enjoy It.

"How do I do bodywork?"

It's one of the big scary projects you need to do on your hotrod.

Don't worry, we'll show you how!

From fixing rust, to shaving chrome, to chopping tops, we will be constantly adding more tech to this page.

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-Bodywork 101

-How to Weld Plus Tips and Tricks

-Repairing Rust

-How to Set Up HVLP Spray Guns

-How To Do Bodywork: (1) Where To Start?

-How To Do Bodywork: (2) How to Strip Your Car

-How To Do Bodywork: (3) Body Filler and Sanding

-How To Do Bodywork: (4) Primer

-How To Do Bodywork: (5) Sealer

-Get Those Body Lines Straight!

-Buffing Out Paint: It's Not As Hard as You Think!

-Custom Chrome Grille for Under $150

-Bear Claw Door Latches

-Frenching Headlights (Video)

-Shaved Door Handles (Video)

-How to Chop A Top (Page 1) (Lots of pics, may take a while to download)

-How to Chop A Top (Page 2) (Lots of pics, may take a while to download)

-How to Chop A Top (Page 3) (Lots of pics, may take a while to download)

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