Readers Rides

Take a look below at our reader's rides and see what they've done!

Rides don't have to be done yet... Actually, it's fun seeing them during construction! So join in!

How do I do it?

It's easy!

If you want to see your hotrod here, just send us an email with some info about it and what you've done to it. Then send some pictures along as an attachment or included in the email. Simple!

Just send your email to:

Now sit back and look at what others are doing...

David Watson has just picked up this 1939 Mercury. See what all he has planned for it... Click Here!

Kenny has a 1940 Plymouth. Who knew they could be so cool? Check out this sharp ride... Click Here!

Connie Hutchison has helped her husband restore her 1968 Chevy Camaro. Check out what all they've done... Click Here!

Marty Childs is in the process of building this sharp 1940 GMC truck. Check out what he has done so far... Click Here!

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