Welcome to Bodywork 101!

The first thing in Bodywork 101 you need to hammer into your brain is this:

Do It Right!

Nothing will make your hotrod look worse than bad bodywork. It's better to leave it alone that do it wrong.

"So should I not attempt it?"

Yes! We want you to learn how to do it right. Your car is a good thing for you to do it on. However, it may not be a good car to learn on. If you've never attempted it, let's do some practicing first. We'll show you how.

The second thing is:

Always use good materials.

Lots of people have gotten lousy results in bodywork just because of crappy products. Bodywork is not something they want to find out at the end something didn't work. You can't just fix it. You usually have to strip it and start all over. Just because they wanted to save a couple of bucks. Now they have to spend twice what they would have spent on good stuff because they have to buy it all over.

Always use good materials.

Third is:

You Can Do It!

You can do bodywork. Lots of people just like you have done it with great results. It's a process of lots of small steps. Learn how to do each step, do it right and take your time, and you can have a sharp car!

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