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Are you a beginner and want to build hotrods but don't know where to start? Are you an expert but want to know something new?

Well, that's what we're here for!

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Don't know where to begin? Check out 'Hotrod Advice'.

Want to know how to do something? Expert or beginner, we're full of helpful step by step instructions.

Just start at the top of the category buttons on the left and work down the list! Brakes, suspension, wiring, engines, etc. Hey, learn something new...

Technical questions? Just get ahold of us on our 'Contact Page'. Let us know what you'ld like to see!

We're not here to judge you. To tell you what a hotrod is or isn't. What you should or shouldn't build. Lot's of other sites do that.

We're here to help you build YOUR hotrod!

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Readers Rides
Take a look at our readers rides and see what they've done!
Top Hotrod Advice on Building Hotrods
Want to avoid wasted money and hassle building your hotrod? Our pages on hotrod advice will tell you how.
How to Do Hotrod Suspension
Does Your suspension need work? We'll show you how to rebuild and modify it.
How to Do Hot Rod Brakes
Will your hot rod brakes stop you? We'll show you how to rebuild and modify them.
Hot Rod Wiring and How to Do It
Don't let your car burn down! We'll show you how to do hot rod wiring the right way.
Hot Rod Engines, A Guide to Modify or Repower Your Ride.
Make your hot rod engines run right! How to install and modify them for your hotrod.
Keep Your Drivetrain Happy
Questions about your drivetrain? We'll show you how to keep it working right.
How to do Bodywork on Your Hotrod
Bodywork doesn't have to be that hard. We'll show you how.
Your Hot Rod Interior, How to do It.
Is your hot rod interior looking ratty? We'll show you how to modify your interior or start from scratch.
Hotrod Tips and Tricks - Get The Inside Scoop
Want to get the inside scoop on the tips and tricks that nobody seems to teach? Well, then come on in!
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