Sealer: Why You Want To Use it...


Sealer is usually the last thing to be sprayed before color. But first, all bodywork should be finished with all sanding done. The purpose of the sealer is to seal in all of the various undercoats and fillers, to keep them from seeping into the topcoats. The sealer also gives much better adhesion for the paint.

Sealer is not required if the primer surfacer isn't sanded through to bare metal. However, it's still a good idea since it can be cheaper to use it than skip it.

Sealer is less expensive than paint. It makes a uniform surface color, so it doesn't take as much paint to get a nice uniform coverage. You use less paint coats, so less expensive paint is required...

So, there you go... With practice you can do great bodywork, and your paintjobs can turn out great!


Keep things Clean!

Bodywork isn't just learned, it's a skill that takes practice... You can do it!

Use products from the same manufacturer!

Don't get discouraged... Just take it one step at a time.

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