Welcome to Wiring 101!

The first thing in Wiring 101 is look over your wiring in your car.

Is it good? Does it seem to be unmolested, uncut and have all the insulation in good shape?

Or is it bad? Is the wiring cut and spliced? Is the insulation cracked and split?

If it's good, then you can use it without too much worry but you will want to keep an eye on it. Especially if you modify it. Remember, you should always have a small fire extinguisher in your car.

If it's bad, replace it.

"But I can't, I'm not, I don't, ummmmm...."

If it's bad, replace it.

Don't put all your work and money into your ride then let it burn down because of bad wiring.

It's not that hard or expensive. You just have to do it step by step. Lot's of people have fixed, modified, or completely rewired their rides. Just by following simple instructions and taking their time, they've had great success.

In the following pages we'll show you how to fix, modify, or completely rewire your ride. Hey, that's why you came here.

Another thing... Use good supplies! Nothing works worse or is more dangerous than bad ends, wire, etc.

Good supplies are nearly as cheap or cheaper as bad supplies.

The thing is, most people simply don't know where to get it.

Well here ya go:

Supplies, parts and problem solvers- If you have a question, Mark at MAD can answer it.


Wiring Harness?


Other good parts-


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