Build What You Want but Use What You Have.

Build what you want. Use what you have.


You need to figure out what kind of hotrod it is you want. Otherwise, why bother?

If it doesn't turn you on, you're in real danger of losing interest. Now you have an unfinished project...

So, figure out what you want.

Now use what you have.


If what you want is a '32 Ford with a full-race Hemi, Halibrands, tube frame and billet suspension bits, that's great.

Now, can you afford it?

Didn't think so...

Ok, now let's use what we have. Or in other words, how can we get that with what we have?

We know how much we can spend.

So, how about another car around the same year? Model A's are much cheaper. So are mid 30's cars.

Ok, so we found a car that's pretty cool.

Do we really NEED a full race Hemi? Especially if we are going to drive it on the street?

So, we had to spend a little more on the car than we thought. Would that small block in the corner be that bad? It's inexpensive to build, and we'll be on the road that much sooner. Hey, we can always build a Hemi later when we have more money. Till then we can drive it!

Ok, we got a car and a motor...

Hmmm... Those Halibrands are expensive. Those American Racing aluminum slots remind me of them though. I could live with that...

Ok, car, motor, rims...

Those trick billet suspension pieces are nice, but I'm about out of cash... Fortunately, I know a good website that can show me how to make my own suspension. (Shameless plug)

Ok, car, motor, rims, suspension, and money set back to fix it up. (You did read "Build what you can afford" didn't you?)

It's all about compromise to get what you want with what you have.

So, now you can build a car that you like. It's something that you can upgrade when you have the money. But most of all, it will be a running, driving hotrod! You won't be broke, and you won't have an unfinished project that you hate.

You're Welcome...

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