I've Got A Water Leak! How Do I Find It?

Water leaks are common on older cars, but sometimes finding them can be a real pain...

Here are some tips for finding water leaks in cars from guys in the automotive industry:

Get some talcum powder and mist it around the window and door opening seals (or anywhere you think it's leaking), and close it up. Now hit it with a water hose, and then give it a while for the water to shed. Now look at the seals. If it's leaking there will be a water trail cut through the powder.

Another way to find them is to use an air hose and direct a blast of air inside the car in the area you think is leaking. Have someone outside the car spray that area at the same time. It will bubble where it's leaking.

And finally, door seals are usually bad about leaking, so take a dollar bill or piece of paper and shut it in the door where you think it's leaking. Now pull on it and move it around. It should be hard to move, but if you find a spot with almost or no resistance, you've found your water leak...

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