Suspension 101 - Read This First!

The first thing in Suspension 101 is to determine what kind of suspension you have (or want.) We'll cover thatin the following pages.

But first, some guidelines...

There are as many guidelines as there are different types of chassis. We'll start with the basics.

The stock system isn't too bad. Car companiesspend millions of dollars designing and researching their chassis. This means that the stock system is at least going to work ok and not send you flying off the road. Modifying the stock suspension for performance is often the cheapest and easiest option.

Don't try to re-invent the wheel. Many hotrods become unfinished projects because the owner thought hewanted a really trick suspension. They cut out the old chassis and tried to incorporate their own design andjust got in over their heads.

Don't mix and match parts. Try to use the same type of parts from the same car or aftermarket chassis company. Parts from different types of systemsthrown together can have unexpected results. Most of those are very dangerous and can send you flying off theroad.

Only tackle as much as your skill level allows. Most anyone can handle bolting on chassis bits. If youneed to start building brackets or chassis pieces however, you need to make sure your welding and fabricationskills are top notch. Suspension parts are not parts to learn your skills on. They are too critical. Don't killyourself because you didn't want to spend time learning your skills.

Don't forget! If you modify anything, make sure nothing hangs below the Scrub Line! Here's a picture to make it simple...


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