Rusty, Frozen, Screw Removal Tool

Screw removal tool...

We've all dealt with screws that won't come out because they're rusted beyond belief... And since we work on old cars, we're gonna keep on dealing with them...

However, there is a tool that can make it easy and quick.

And you can make it cheap and quick...

Just get ahold of an air impact gun. You can use one anyway...

What you are going to use is the pointed chisel that comes with it.

air impact

Now find a cheap 1/4" socket laying around. (Not one of your good ones...) Now grind the chrome off at the base of your cheap china socket.

cheap socket

Now get some hexagon screwdriver bits.

screw driver bits

Ok, let's make it!

Take your cheap socket and weld it to the end of the chisel. (See diagram below)

Now you want to weld a steel handle to the side of the chisel to hang on to. You will use this to turn the tool. Make it long enough to get your hand around. (See diagram below)

Now, all you do is insert an hexagon screwdriver bit into the 1/4 inch socket.

When it's all done it should look like this:

screw removal tool

To use it, insert your tool into your air chisel. Now put it on the screw you want to get out, and apply some pressure. Now lightly hold the trigger in a little bit. You just want a bap-bap-bap-bap from the air chisel.

Now turn the handle of the tool to unscrew the screw while holding the trigger of the air chisel. The vibrations of the air chisel will break loose the screw, and it will come right out.

Tip: Dip the end of the screwdriver bit into some valve grinding compound. It will make it really bite into the screw.

You won't believe how easy they will come out. It really is amazing, and you'll wish you would have had this screw removal tool years ago...

You're welcome.

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