Got Led Problems?

LED problems?

Ok, I've installed LED's and now they:

1. Won't work at all.

2. Work, but won't blink.

3. Blink, but really fast.

4. Both lights come on.

LED's pull very little power. Normal bulbs draw much more power. That power draw is what makes the flasher unit in turn signal circuits work.

So, what to do?

Well you will want slightly different components than what you use for regular bulb systems.

First, you will want an electronic flasher unit.

See: How to Add Turn Signals and Wire Them Up

Second, if you are going to use a tail light wiring converter for trailers, get one made for LED's. (See above)

Third, if you are still having problems, then you will need LED load equalizers. They were developed to make the turn signal circuit think that there are normal bulbs in the system. They look something like this:


You can get them at most auto parts stores.

They just wire right in before the lights. (Just follow the instructions on the package.) Easy fix!

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