Universal Hood Supports

Need some hood supports? If you need to hold up your hood that has no springs or if your springs are shot, you need to make some of these!

by The Monster

Ok, So I was spraying down every hinge and pivot joint with WD-40 on my newly purchased '53. I should have left the hood alone because it opened up all the way and stayed there up to this point!

After I lubed up the joints it only held itself open half way. The springs are obviously old, but new ones are expensive, so heres what I came up with instead. I think this tech can be used on any hood that has tired springs or no springs at all!

The pictures are in series, so you can kind of skip from one to the next to figure out how I put it together.

Cool thing is, just one will support the hood just fine. So if I need to squeeze into the engine bay on one side, next to the firewall, I can just raise that side up and out of the way!

Hope this is helpful to at least one person. If not, I had fun makin 'em!















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