Cheap Alternative to Dynamat

by Rebstew aka Steve Stewart from the Scroungers Car Club

Someone said I should post this up here for the ones that have not heard of it.

Peel & Seal is the cheap alternative to Dynamat. This is the stuff you get from Lowes Hardware. It is the same as the original Dynamat but a lot cheaper. I started putting my fake Dynamat down. This is the stuff that they have been talking about on HAMB and a few other forums. I paid less than $15.00 for a 6in. X 24ft. roll. It's very, very close to Dynamat other than the price. It has a 40 mil rubberized aspalt sticky back, two layers of high stregth polymer film over a reflective aluminum surface.


I was worried a little about how good it would stick. I pre cut what I needed then I used a heat gun on the backing. Let me tell you!! When you stick it on you can't get it off. Even if it just bareley touches it. Make sure you have it all lined up before you touch anything with the backing. You can use a wall paper wheel to smooth it out. I didn't have one so I used an unopened pop can. As you can see from the bead rolls in the floor it takes the shape of where you put it. Cool thing is this stuff is used for flashing and as a roof patch. Any small holes you may have this will seal them and not let the water in. They do sell a better version of the Dynamat. It is the sound and heat Dynamat. It is almost twice as thick as the original. No problem. For the price difference put a second layer over this one. Even with the floor half done I can tell a difference in how it sounded when I closed the truck door. This may help you if you go looking for it..


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