Boldly Build Your Car the Way You Want It.

Build your own car.

Well duh, that's what I'm doing...

No, build your car. Do it the way you want to do it. Don't let others tell you the way it should be.

If you let others influence you, you tend not to bond with it. Then you lose interest. Then you have an unfinished project.

Read that again.

If you truly want to build a hotrod for yourself, then get an idea what you want. Look at pictures, but don't feel like you have to copy them. Pick out things that you like then come up with the look you want. Now stick with it.

Nobody likes every car. If everyone on here showed pictures of their cars or trucks, everyone else would come up with things they would change on them.

I see lots of cars at shows and on the street that I don't particularly like, but who cares? Their owners are so excited about them, so those cars are perfect.

Ok, so if nobody likes every car, then you have total freedom to build what you like!

Remember, we're not in this to make lots of money, we're in it to build our hotrods.

Ok, now for a little bit of the other side of the coin... Say you're planning on selling this car down the road.

Remember when I said look at pictures and get an idea what you want? Those same pictures will give you an idea what is selling.

If you paint it pink with a pro stock wing and whitewalls, you may have a hard time getting rid of it. Don't even think about getting your money back.

With that said, use some good judgement. Don't let others tell you what to build. Build your own car. However, if it's not your dream car, don't make it unsellable.

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