Brakeline Bending Tip

by Gastrick

Here's a small tip for use when bending brakelines. It makes it easy to calculate bends when making lines that need to go into, or around corners. If you don't already use it, give it a try on your next job. Works on fuel, tranny, and other lines too.

Before starting your next job, cut a pice of line approximately 5" to 6" long. The length is not critical. Get a marker and your tubing bender out.


Now place that short piece of tubing in your bender as if you were preparing to bend it. Then take your marker and mark the tubing at the 0 degree mark on your bender. If your bender is not marked in degrees, make a reference mark on it with a scribe or file.


Now go ahead and bend the short piece of tubing into a 90.

Now, let's say that you are plumbing your hot rod and need to make a 90 degree bend around a chassis crossmember. Lay or hold the brakeline you are using to plumb your car above or below the chassis, extending past the crossmember where you need to make the bend. Lay your short, marked piece of tubing next to your workpiece and into the corner you are bending around. Like this..........


Now, with your marker, transfer the line on your template line to the actual line that you are using for your brakeline. Now place your brakeline in your bender, lining up your mark at 0 degrees and make the bend. This makes for a perfect bend length calculation every time.


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